Knights Of Columbus - Council #4160

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Council

Happy new Knight year!

The Knights of Columbus year runs from July 1 to June 30, so welcome to the new Fraternal year. With a new year comes a new administration. Great thanks and congratulations are due those who are leaving office, most especially our Past Grand Knight Mike Dougherty who is now our worthy District Deputy.

A message from our Grand Knight, Bill Lahr...

Grand Knight Goals:

                You will hear more from me on this during the summer and launched in September.   I want to build on the great successes started from Tom Hendricks, Rob Hessler, Steve Mobley and Mike Dougherty.   Our council is healthier than I have ever seen it.   It is truly a blessing and a lot of fun.   You will see me focused on 4 goals:

                1. Growth: growth of our members, growth in our fundraising, growth in our charitable giving, growth in our insurance members

                2.  Visibility in our Parish: I strive for all parishioners to know who are our Knights.   I want them to be proud and grow in support of the Knights.   I want our clergy to feel the experience unprecedented support from our Knights.

                3.  Deepening Relationships: I have made so many cherished friends being a Knight.  I love my brother Knights like I love family.   I want to enable all Knights to continue to grow in our brotherhood and friendship.

                4. Spiritual renewal and faith transcendence: I am so humbled and honored to be witness to so many bother Knights and their dependence on God.   I am inspired by the words of our Chaplain each month.   I am grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us.   I want to make faith formation initiatives core to our calendar. 

You will see more to come from me on these goals.   I ask you to pray and share your insights on how we can continue to pursue these goals  

Officer Roles:  I want us to continue to succeed as elected officers.   So many Knights have spent numerous hours to make our council wonderful.  I want to put more structure and meaning into the elected roles we all hold.  Below is a refresher on what each role does and why.  

Thank you all.   God Bless.

Grand Knight – The grand knight is the chief executive officer of the council. He is responsible for setting council goals and ensuring that all officers fulfill their duties in reaching these objectives. He presides over all meetings; appoints program and committee directors as needed and fills officer roles in the event of vacancies; countersigns checks and orders for payment; and is responsible for the council’s First Degree Team. Ideally, the grand knight should be a junior so that as a senior he can serve as a mentor for the next grand knight.

Deputy Grand Knight – The deputy grand knight serves as the grand knight’s right hand man and should fill in for the grand knight when he is not present. Additionally, the deputy grand knight will likely lead a committee, or multiple, if he chooses to do so. Some deputy grand knights serve as their council’s program director. Ultimately, he assists the grand knight in leading the council and reaching council objectives. In some councils, the deputy grand knight role might be used to groom a possible grand knight candidate for the following year. Finally, the deputy grand knight may serve as a liaison between the council and other groups that share similar interest (i.e. Newman Club, pro-life club, etc.).

Chancellor – The chancellor assists both the grand and deputy grand knights in the leading of the council by engaging and strengthening the council’s members. His primary responsibilities include both recruiting and retaining members and to this end he should set up different events that display the different values and principles of the Knights of Columbus. The chancellor should participate in the council’s degree team and should serve on both the Admission and Retention Committees.

Treasurer – The treasurer is responsible for managing the council funds, whether in bank or school accounts. He receives money from the financial secretary and deposits funds into council accounts. He is also responsible for paying all council expenses. Finally, he balances and verifies the ledger and keeps the updated budget once approved by the council.

Advocate – The council advocate acts as council parliamentarian; he should be knowledgeable in Robert’s Rules of Order and Methods of Conducting a Council Meeting (#1937). He may seek legal assistance from the state advocate, should issues arise. The advocate should be able to take on additional responsibilities as the council deems necessary.

Recorder – The recorder has the responsibility of recording all meetings and events held by the council. He should record minutes, conversations and other information helpful to the council and prepare them to be distributed to the council membership in a timely manner. Additionally, he should help with council event notifications, council meeting reminders, and assist with council social media responsibilities.

Warden – The warden is responsible for the property owned by the council. He is also in charge of setting up meetings and leads both the inside and outside guards. Many college councils utilize the warden and guards as custodians of the campus ministry property which may include raking leaves, shoveling snow and assisting with maintenance of the interior.

Inside/Outside Guards – The inside and outside guards carry out tasks given to them by the grand knight and also follow orders of the warden. They are responsible for checking membership cards and allowing entrance to meetings. Councils should consider appointing additional inside and outside guards, especially among promising freshmen, as this provides early leadership opportunities from which they can be elected to higher positions as they enter their sophomore year.

Trustees (3) – The trustees advise the grand knight, supervise the council’s financial matters, and conduct the semiannual audits. Usually the immediate past grand knight will serve as a trustee. Some college councils utilize alumni members and/or university faculty members as the other two trustees to provide additional oversight and support.

Chaplain's Corner - July 2018

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District Deputy James Albert presents outgoing Grand Knight Mike Dougherty with an "Outstanding Columbian Leadership" award while 4th degree Sentinel Chris Valeri looks on.

Grand Knight Mike Dougherty accepts the Regional Gold Service Award from PA State Advocate Mike Kish, recognizing Council 4160 for the highest total collected for The Arc in 2017 in our region.