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Brothers, I am pleased to announce that we have been given the ok to resume bucket collections at Aunt Judy's restaurant in Dolylestown on Saturday and Sunday mornings of May 15th and 16th. The link to the sign up sheet is below.

I know it's a slow start, but at least we'll be out there again! Thanks in advance for all you help!
Special Needs bucket drive at Aunt Judy's....sign up here

Brothers All,
Weekend of May 15th and 16th, Fr. Guckin has graciously allowed us to do a membership drive at OLMC. He is allowing us to be greeters, readers and Eucharistic Ministers at all masses.
We will need 6 greeters, 2 readers and 2 Eucharistic Ministers at all masses. Wives are encouraged to participate in all 3.
We will also need a crew to man St Mary's Hall to answer questions and register new members. Masses are 5PM Saturday night and 7AM, 9AM 10:30 and NOON on Sunday.
Membership drive at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel...sign up here

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